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dice-cartoon.gifEdSource was established in 1994 to provide high quality and practical teacher training as well as the fabulous Letterland literacy resources to Australian teachers and families. EdSource has now expanded their distribution network to include bookstores and other educational resellers such as school suppliers and occupational therapists.

In 1997 EdSource started the training and supply of the internationally renowned Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks maths games, in aid to provide a fun hands-on resource for Australian teachers and students. Bob and Fiona Affleck were the pioneers of Letterland and Box Cars in Australia and have successfully imported and distributed these products for over 14 years.

2008 has been a significant year for EdSource. They entered a new era as the sole Letterland agent for Australia and more recently sold the business to Mrs Lara Stiller and Mr Stuart Pohlner. The change of ownership took affect from December 18, 2008, which means EdSource will now be marketed as Edsource Australia Pty Ltd and will operate from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Letterland and Box Cars products and systems will remain the same.

The new directors, Lara Stiller and Stuart Pohlner have been collectively associated with teaching for over 35 years. Both parties have been associated with the full gamete of education, from teaching the youngest of students to the other end of the spectrum, educating adults. Lara Stiller has been associated with EdSource for approximately 10 years as a consultant. She has used Letterland and Box Cars in her daily teaching practices and knows the products work! She has consulted many schools, teachers and parents across Queensland.Card Cartoon

Stuart Pohlner has been involved in a variety and diverse range of educational experiences. His roles have included general classroom teaching, specialist teaching and extensive administrational work. Our personal teaching and business philosophy has always been focused on the child and their needs. Letterland and Box Cars create a curriculum that is relevant and fun and we strongly believe that when child looks forward to something, then the learning will always follow! We are sure you will enjoy perusing the wide range of learning resources Letterland offers and please do not hesitate to contact us.