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Box Cars

Dice CartoonLike most good educational ideas, Box Cars began with two ordinary teachers trying to find a better way to motivate students who were falling behind their peers in Maths. Canadian teachers, Jane Felling and Joanne Currah started using simple, non-threatening aids such as cards and dice to impart Maths skills to these children, many of whom became 'maths-phobic'.

Over ten years later, "Box Cars and One-eyed Jacks" authers Jane and Joanne have written 15 games manuals to cover all Mathematical operations covered in K-Year 9 as well as spelling skills. In 1991 the resource was voted the Canadian National Learning Disabilitied Idea of the year and the manuals are now best-sellers.

Topics covered include number, place value, operations, decimals, fractions, money, logic, change & data to list a few.

Edsource Australia supports teachers by holding inexpensive workshops around the country Card Cartoonin how to use games to their maximum benefit. If you would like to learn more about the product or workshops, please use the links below.