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  • Shuffling Into Maths
    $34.50 Shuffling Into Maths
    Manual is divided into six sections with 108 games for counting, patterning, numeration, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Each game is presented with appropriate grade level (Pre-K to Grade 3), specific...
  • All Hands On Deck
    $34.50 All Hands On Deck
    Includes 113 math games using cards and dice. Games focus on all the operations, place value, decimals, positive and negative integers, graphing, and co-operative games. Specific math skills (Grades 1-9), number of players,...
  • Dice Works
    $36.50 Dice Works
    Includes 80 games for 10, 12, and 20-sided dice and regular cards. Games focus on counting, probability, the operations, place value, mixed operations, and graphing. Comes with two each of 10, 12, and 20-sided dice...
  • Rolling In The Dough
    $29.95 Rolling In The Dough
    Australian edition of card and dice games that teach money concepts, problem solving, probability and the operations. Contains over 70 games that teach: counting change, trading coins, adding and subtracting change,...
  • Maths Attack
    $36.50 Maths Attack
    Incorporates the use of special dice numbered 1-30 and playing cards. Includes games to teach operations, place value concepts, probability, graphing, patterns, fractions and integers. Problem solving emphasized in most...
  • On A Roll
    $36.50 On A Roll
    Contains 64 games to teach spelling and language. Comes with 2 alphabet dice. Games focus on sound/symbols, vowels, syllables, word patterns, puzzlers and parts of speech. Spelling strategies and problem solving are built...
  • Radical Maths
    $40.00 Radical Maths
    Contains 100 games that use cards, regular dice and special dice. Games focus on integers, decimals, place value, number systems and order of operation, linear equations, exponents, polynomials, coordinate geometry,...
  • Piece It Together
    $38.50 Piece It Together
    Contains over 60 games that use special fraction dice and deluxe fraction circles. Games focus on naming and identifying fractions, equivalence, adding and subtracting fractions, challengers including multiplying and...
  • Decadice Manual
    $38.50 Decadice Manual
    Over 70 games and activities that teach all operations, place value, rounding, probability, data management, and graphing. Filled with hundreds of math journal writing questions and student work samples. Comes with 4 X...
  • Stratedice Set
    $30.00 Stratedice Set
    Fifteen strategy/problem solving games for Grades 1-9. Comes with 36 dice, gamebook, tray and lid. Games focus on operations, probability, patterning and more. 
  • Stratedice Manual Only
    $14.50 Stratedice Manual Only
    Purchase the Stratedice Manual on its own for individual student use or to add to your ranges of resources.
  • Stratedice Tray Only
    $17.50 Stratedice Tray Only
    This is a great way of purchasing bulk regular dice (36 dice in total). Your can use the lid and base for many games in the Box Cars Manuals.
  • Double Dare You
    $29.50 Double Dare You
    Incorporates the use of special double dice: Regular Doubles, 10-sided (0-9) Doubles, and Three-In-A-Cube Dice. Contains over 30 game ideas to teach the operations, probability, fractions, problem solving and more. We"Double...
  • Power Play
    $29.50 Power Play
    Comes with gamebook for teaching place value concepts including decimals, rounding operations and more. Includes 14 place value dice ranging from thousands (0000) to thousandths (0.000).