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School PD Outlines

Number 1 Number Skills & Mental Maths
A session focused on back to basics using manipulative games that will empower teachers with all kinds of strategies and mental maths techniques. The workshop covers place value, rounding, decimals, graphing and all operations. Problem solving strategies are integrated into the games and can be adapted to suit the needs of all students. Come prepared to play!
 Number 2 Probability, Chance & Statistics
Wondering how to teach probability? Odds are...you’ll have fun learning probability concepts, patterns, problem solving, mental maths strategies, place value, graphing and more through Box Cars maths games using regular and multi-sided dice.
 Number 3

Number 4
A workshop that gives teachers various strategies on how to teach fraction names, comparing fractions, operations with fractions, equivalence and more! Bring fraction concepts to life for your students in a meaningful hands-on way. We teach the concepts through play, which helps develop understanding before the algorithms are introduced.
Kids love money and they love games! This workshop gives teachers many practical ways to teach money concepts, problem solving and probability. Teachers will be amazed how our Australian money dice can create brilliant learning opportunities for students to acquire knowledge about money in depth. No shop required!
 Number 5  Spelling
Be an active participant while playing a selection of spelling and language games using our special 30 sided alphabet dice and letter tiles. Learn strategies for letter recognition, sound / symbol relationships, spelling simple and complex words, puzzlers and more! This workshop will give teachers ideas to help motivate students and enjoy spelling lessons.
 Number 6  Whole Box & Dice
A whole day Professional Development opportunity experiencing a selection of activities from all of the above options. Participate in dice and card games that cover the whole Mathematical curriculum and Spelling strand in a fun and enjoyable way. Learn how to differentiate games to suit all abilities and plan activities into your daily lessons.
 Number 7  Middle Years
This informative session is focused on the needs of the Middle Years student. Teachers will learn games using cards and dice to introduce, reinforce and master Mathematical concepts. Teachers will experience a hands-on approach to teaching Maths which suit the needs of an adolescent student.

Workshop Type

State Wide Staff Development Days
Box Cars fits into your set training day's time schedule. We can do several different sessions in a day (ie; 2 or 3 x 1.5 hour sessions or 2 x 2.5 hour sessions). It is best to keep us in the same location. Grade level and topics are up to you. For example, we can do a Spelling K-3 then a Maths 4-6 and then a money workshop!

School Based Professional Develpment Days
We are flexible here too, but a typical scenario includes a morning Basic Maths and in the afternoon continue with a Maths focus with Probability or Fraction games OR a morning Maths and an afternoon Spelling. Usually this is a 9.00 - 3.00 day with local variations such as 8.30 to 3.30.

After School Professional Development Days
Due to budget constraints these are a very popular Professional Development option. These are usually held for 1.5 - 2 hours from 4.00 - 6.00. Again, schools may wish to share the workshop with other schools. These are meant to provide a brief overview of either Maths or Spelling and can span Years P-6, K-7, 4-9 or 7-9.

Student Activity Days
For more information, click here.