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Student Activity Days

Dice CartoonA fun, motivating, informative and skill building day for teachers and students alike. This enjoyable school event caters for all students to participate in up to 6 hands on Box Cars Maths games for approximately 1 hour. This is a wonderful student incursion day! Watch your students play games and develop their program solving skills in all Mathematiocal strands including; fractions, money, chance & data, place value, logic and operations.

This fun filled day costs only $4.00 per student! Great Value!

This is such a great day for the whole school and makes Maths come alive!

The Student Activity Day is guaranteed to give teachers and students to be motivated, engaged and most importantly, they will learn new concepts in a non-threatening and playful environment.

Please note:stud-act-days-img1.jpg

  • Max Number per day is approximately 400 students
  • Min Number per day is approximately 200 students
  • Country schools may incur travel costs

To find out more, contact us or email our Edsource staff at workshops@edsource.com.au