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wca.gifWCA Games That Teach is a leading Pre K - 12 educational publisher specialising in board-games and activities for the classroom and home.

WCA publishes a variety of upplimental board-games appropriate for Primary and Secondary School students in Maths. State and National standards receive careful attention.

WCA educational board-games and activities motivate learners through engaging contexts and interest grabbing content. A variety of well designed, readily-understood formata aid rapid development of fluency in basic skills and beyond. WCA games invite active participation, engage multiple senses and immerce students into subject matter, three keys to successful learning.

The recognised subject matter expertise and production classroom experience of our authors assures that WCA products will motivate, encourage and inspire learning!

The educational investments we make in our children today, will pay off with their sucess tomorrow!

Most parents know the secret for success in working with children is to turn mundane tasks into fun games. Kids get excited by an opportunity to win a game! WCA games and activities make learning fun!

Our games get children motivated and excited about having fun while learning. In the process, children get hands on interaction with these educational materials combined with a strong incentive to learn so they can win a game. Childran gain cognitive skills as well as social skills as they interact with peers and adults. Cooperative learning is a great way to learn.Card Cartoon

This social interaction contributes to the learning process as children get excited by the competition and team building.

Children oftern don't even have to know they are learning, they just keep having more fun!